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Preventable Deaths at Central Virginia Training Center

dLCV’s investigation into Urinary Tract infection-related deaths revealed a worrying trend at Central Virginia Training Center. Read our full report. 

Parents, join us to learn ways to understand the process involved with special education. You’ll hear from two of our attorneys on their experiences. Our goal is to empower each individual accessing this resource to become a more competent advocate. Click here for more information or to register. 

The disAbility Law Center of Virginia would like to know if your polling place is accessible on Tuesday, November 7th.

If you notice anything that might be a barrier to someone using a mobility device, a visual impairment, or any other disability, please complete the survey with a short summary of the problem.


Crisis in Virginia…are you or your loved one affected? Let Virginia know if you are falling through the cracks. Click here to learn more and submit an online self-advocacy complaint.

Effective CommunicationWelcome to the dLCV’s new video series, “Ask the Expert.” We will feature a new video each month, with answers to those questions from someone you can trust.

What does the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) require for people who can not hear?

Lip reading, sign language interpreters, passing notes … it’s all so confusing! When someone is deaf or hard of hearing, what can you do to make sure that you have effective communication? It’s time to Ask the Expert!

Treatment Failures at CCCA: Lack of Trauma-Informed Care

Seclusion and Restraint
dLCV investigated a complaint about the abusive use of restraint received at CCCA. In the case, dLCV received a report that a fourteen-year-old male resident of CCCA was injured during physical restraint and use of the ERC.  Watch the video here!  Read our full investigative report, the Commonwealth’s response, our press release and more.