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Governor signs historic legislation

This 8 year old boy testified at the Senate committee about his experiences with seclusion and restraint at school.

Late on Monday, March 16, Governor Terry McAulliffe signed historic legislation that will protect Virginia’s school children. The new law will greatly restrict the use of seclusion and restraint on children in public schools.  It requires the state Department of Education to develop regulations prohibiting the use of seclusion and restraint except in situations where the child’s behavior presents a serious risk of physical harm to self or others.

“Children in Virginia’s schools will be able to get the education they deserve, without fear and without trauma,” commented Colleen Miller, the Executive Director of the dLCV. “This is a question of basic human rights. It is a historic day for Virginia.”

BobbyScottTweet3The law was based in part on a study conducted by the disAbility Law Center in 2014.  To read the full report, Unrestrained Danger: Seclusion and Restraint in Virginia’s Public Schools.  

Read the full press release.

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