PAIMI Advisory Council

Protection and Advocacy for Individuals with Mental Illness Advisory (PAIMI) Council

Who We Are

The PAIMI Advisory Council is comprised of the following individuals all with a commitment to improve mental health services in Virginia:

  • People who received or are receiving mental health services
  • Family members
  • Attorneys
  • Mental health professionals
  • Providers of mental health services
  • Members of the public knowledgeable about mental illness
  • At least one member who is a parent or guardian of a minor child who received or is receiving mental health services

Continuing efforts shall be made to include members of racial and ethnic minorities that are representative of the geographic diversity of Virginia.


The PAIMI Advisory Council’s mission is to provide recommendations to the Board of disAbility Law Center of Virginia on policies and goals to be implemented to assure that individuals, covered by the PAIMI Act, are free from abuse, neglect, and related rights violations.

PAIMI Members
PAIMI Meeting Minutes
PAIMI Council Application
PAIMI Council Member Description
Upcoming Meetings

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