Evaluations are the body of tests and observations school divisions use to determine if a child has a disability that interferes with his or her ability to learn. A child who is suspected of having a disability which interferes with his or her ability to learn must be referred to a school administrator for evaluations. The referral may come from ANYONE. Parents, teachers, physicians, or any other individual that interacts with a child in the school or community may refer a child suspected of having a disability for evaluations.

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Have you asked for your child to be evaluated?

  • No, go to ChildFind. Read about how to request an evaluation, procedural safeguards and reasons for refusal.
  • Yes, the school has agreed to evaluate my child.
    • Have you waited longer than 65 days?  Read How to File a Complaint. If it is less than 65 days, continue to wait.
    • If the evaluations are complete and you don’t agree with the determination of the eligibility team go to Request an IEE.

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