The Individualized Educational Program (IEP) is a written educational plan for a child with a disability. The IEP outlines a child’s individual strengths and needs and how they will be addressed. If your child is found eligible for special education services and you agree with the school division on eligibility, then a team will meet to determine your child’s individualized educational needs and draft the IEP. This team is called an IEP team. This team consists of the child’s parent or guardian, educators, administrators, and related service providers. Remember, to qualify for an IEP a child must have one or more of the 14 disabilities listed in IDEA; and as a result of the disability, the child requires specialized educational services to make educational progress in school. For more on the 14 disability categories, see Eligibility.

Read Individualized Educational Program Fact Sheet.

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  1. IEP Meeting
  2. PLOP (Present Levels of Performance)
  3. Parental Concerns
  4. Annual Goals

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Online Guide
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