Miller, Colleen – Executive Director
Blizzard, LaToya – Deputy Director for Fiscal and Operations
Charnes-Gibson, Melissa – Staff Attorney
Chilton, kerry – Staff Attorney
Coleman, Devin – Communications Coordinator
Currin, Becky – Senior Advocate
Dick-Mosher, Jenny – Advocate
DeVore, Zachary – Staff Attorney
Ek, Kalena – Staff Attorney
Gray, Michael – Senior Staff Attorney
Gray, Robert – Deputy Director for Compliance and Quality Assurance
Haw, Erin – Advocate
Heilborn, Jenny – Advocate
Horn, Elizabeth – Advocate
Holland, Max – Executive Assistant
Hurley, Rick – Director of Community Engagement
King, Tina – Operations Coordinator
Liddell, Joliefawn – Disability Rights Advocate
Loria, Rachel – Advocate
Mathews, Clyde – Deputy Director for Legal Services
Nelson, Sophia – Advocate and Paralegal
Pharis, Virginia – Advocate
Reus, Randy – Fiscal Assistant
Taylor, Shelesha – Advocate
Thomas, Larry – Data Analyst
Traubert, Steven – Deputy Director for Litigation
Traynham, Dana – Senior Staff Attorney
Triplett, Julie – Advocate
Vaughan, Stephanie – Receptionist
Veldhuis, Nathan – Senior Attorney

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