Unrestrained Danger

The disAbility Law Center of Virginia released a report in August 2014 describing serious risks in Virginia’s public schools.  The report, Unrestrained Danger: Seclusion and Restraint in Virginia Public Schools, notes that in Virginia’s public schools, a child may be restrained for an unlimited amount of time, and the school faces no oversight or regulation.  Schools do not even have to notify the parents when a restraint has been used.

Read about Governor signing historic legislation on March 16, 2015.

Review the Legislative Highlights 2015 on Seclusion and Restraint on January 13, February 5, February 9, and February 20, 2015.

Below is the full investigative analysis:

Coalition for the Improvement of School Safety is a coalition of advocacy organizations that are focused improving school safety in Virginia schools, particularly on reducing and eliminating the use of restraints and seclusion.

Coalition for Improvement of School Safety Study Recommendation – “It is time for Virginia to improve the protections afforded to vulnerable children.”

Press Release – Virginia Schools Will Stop Hurting Children (February 2015)



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