Vocational Rehabilitation Rights and Services

Sometimes disability programs and rights can be hard to figure out.  Have you ever just wanted to ask some basic questions, and know that you are getting the correct answers?  Have you ever wanted to ask an expert?

Welcome to the dLCV’s new video series, “Ask the Expert.” We will feature a new video each month, with  answers to those questions from someone you can trust.
Today you can ask an expert about Vocational Rehabilitation Rights and Services.  What are my rights?  What services are available?  How do I get help?
Watch and learn!  Share this information with friends, family colleagues, everyone!
In the coming months, we plan to cover a wide variety of topics about legal rights of people with disabilities. Let us know how you like it, and what questions you would like to “ask the expert.”

We hope you enjoy this video and tune for our other Ask the Expert videos about every month or so.  Go to Ask the Expert Series.

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